A Few Pics


This is a recent pic (January 14, 2020), of two that I made, one a megastone at 40 grams, as big as they get, the other the smallest at 8 grams. The sizes can vary.

Here's one in a necklace setting, owned by a dear friend and long-time follower of our methods, practices, products and teachings. What makes necklaces powerful to wear is that they will hang in the region of the heart chakra, powering the thymus gland. Great Masters are well known to wear objects of this caliber around their necks. Power Stones smaller than about 15 grams will develop a bowl on the underside (opposite the top dome). This is from a convection process within the crucible. What makes it cool and amazing is that you can put stuff, like our alchemy or any powder or tincture, in that bowl to optimize it for your highest path/good at any given moment, then after it's programmed/optimized, consume it or use it however it's intended.

Here's one in a ring setting, also owned by a dear friend and follower of all we do. What makes rings powerful is when worn on any finger of the receptive hand, the energy upflowing from the ring into the rest of the body is constant, like a balancing and smoothing fuel, always clearing away blockages and other difficulties.

This one belongs to Mary, our operations manager. She took a two hour class to learn to make the setting and did all the work herself. There have been only a few times she has not worn it, other than in sleep, at which time, it goes under the pillow, facilitating teaching dreams.