About Me


I'm Jason Davis, born 1958. I live in Bountiful, Utah, a quiet and beautiful community just north of Salt Lake City. I'm a mystic, a seer, a visionary, a consciousness pioneer, an astronomer, a poet, a writer, and a 60-something boy.

I'm an alchemist, and have been forever, on this plane and others, and on this timeline and others. The purpose for High Alchemy can be distilled down to A) give access to other worlds, realms, spheres and, most importantly, beings; and B) to clear you of everything that stands between you and those worlds and beings. The clearing work is by far the most important work to be done on this planet at this time, for everyone, but for seekers like yourself it's the highest priority by orders of magnitude.

To accomplish these things, I've created some of the most powerful alchmical productions on Earth, and have been doing that since the late 1990s (in this embodiment). The clearing work isn't where it stops, however. Removing those patterns (everything that no longer serves you or the Whole) makes you a clearer conduit for higher energies, frequencies and beings. Being clear of all lower human patterning turns you into a noble, balanced, happy, powerful being, much closer to the full potential the human template has to offer, and shifting you into being a more integral and effective part of a huge plan.

Merlin Power Stones are the result of High Alchemy, and the energetics that go into their manufacture, provided by my equipment and a host of higher beings, are astonishing. If you're able to see on those levels, you can see for yourself that birthing these is not unlike birthing a galaxy. Where they come into play in the context of this page is that they also do that clearing work. The clearing work is what upgrades and empowers your internal world in order to reflect it into the outer world. In the case of these Stones, however, is that they not only clear you from within, but they do in fact make adjustments in reality templates and flows to more efficiently bring into your hands and use what you need to realize your fullest potential. And your fullest potential exists in the higher planes to which you'll be gaining access.

I say all the foregoing so that it can be more easily understood that you're not so much looking for products, or items, or gimmicks, but for the PERSON who makes them. Your decision should be based on A) your intuitive drive, if it's present, and/or B) the person who makes it.

To get where I am has called for quite a broad area of study: quantum mechanics, zeropoint energy (and philosophy), depth psychology a la Carl Jung, how all that played into myth, how it related to secret societies, the Knights Templars, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, etc. Dan Brown with The Da Vinci Code (barely a Reader's Digest level account) was quite a few years behind many of us.

I have an unusual grasp of what is now called quantum theory (and/or mechanics) that will eventually be understood by mainstream quantum theorists (for it's a larger picture than the present purview provides for), and how all of that relates to depth psychology, mythology, archetypal mentality, cosmic consciousness, cosmogony, and so on.

Although I've had quite a number of experiences of unity with what I call the Infinite Mind, in August and September of 2008 I had a series of four experiences, each of which were larger than the sum total of all previous experiences combined, which is truly saying something profound in light of the power of all of those experiences. Then, on the fourth experience, I had THE experience, the one that Jesus, Buddha and all other of the Great Sages, Philosophers and Mystics have had throughout the ages. The Law of One Material might call the experience "opening a conduit to Infinite Intelligence." Buddhists would call it "enlightenment." My own alchemy is what brought about that experience, and triggered the need to start a new company to make and distribute products created from the standpoint of Truth.

Everything I've done for two decades culminates in the powerful work we're doing at The Superbeings.

In February of 2015 Merlin, the actual Merlin, entered my sphere and began giving processes and lessons in the making of very high level alchemical preparations, which became the Cosmosis Line at Blue Emerald Alchemy.