How & Why They Work
& What They Can Do


Let's see if we can paint a picture of how things like this work, but couched in more popular understandings of crystals and the like.

Everything in form has a basic to complex crystalline lattice structure. It's all based on geometry. Indeed, the idea of sacred geometry is in some ways absurd, since all geometry is sacred!

Geometric forms create tones, even electromagnetism, because of their faces, edges and vertices. By the same token, tones, frequencies, can create geometric form. The fundamental structure of any given thing, especially precious metals, and precious and semi-precious stones, are able to create the frequencies which give access to this 3D level of perception, like portals, openings in the fabric of spacetime. These structures also determine the nature, quality, purpose, frequency and even intent of what gains access.

For example, gold is good for the heart, and that's because it's crystalline lattice structure is embedded with that particular quality and purpose. Tourmaline has a crystalline structure that lends itself, generically speaking, to being able to work with all the 7 main chakras. It's also good for filtering or amplifying light spectra, which is why it's good at working with the 7 main chakras. The reason it's good at these things is because of it's crystalline lattice structure at its foundation.

In alchemy, various elements are used - in our case, gold and mainly the platinum group metals, along with a few others. Each has a purpose, or speciality (in healing and many other purposes) in its metallic form. The beauty and power of metals, however, is that they can become liquid (chemical or molten), gas, and even ceramic, and so embedded deeply within their geometry is an innate ability to exist simultaneously, with stunning stability, on multiple density (or what most new age thought would wrongly call "dimensional") levels, thus making them ideal for opening portals to higher, faster moving, less dense, higher frequency planes of perceptual being. This is why our alchemy is so effective at giving access to your many higher selves to the local you.

In addition, since in elemental alchemy the crystalline structure of metals is made to be ingestible, it makes the user's body become the portal. Couple that with the fact that it makes the user's nervous and endocrine systems, and molecular and cellular structures superconductive, high alchemy becomes a way to very advanced levels of being very quickly. You can read all about our alchemy at The Blue Emerald, or at The Superbeings.

$2000 = 30-36 grams // 18-22 grams gold
$1500 = 23-27 grams // 13-16 grams gold
$1000 = 15-18 grams // 9-11 grams gold
$600 = 7-9 grams // 4.5-5.5 grams gold

Shipping will be discussed between us after your Stone is finished, due to many factors, the most important being the shipping method and what to insure it for.

So it's the basic geometric form of crystals, and their color, which enable them to flow whatever they specialize in from higher levels. They're also self aware, intelligent, alive, and aware of their users. Because of their structure, they're more capable of information storage, visual intent, programming, etc., than anything synthetic, because at the foundation of nature are all the templates for the perfection of geometric form.

To wrap this part up, all crystalline forms are natural, native portals to higher, energetic levels, for instance to what some would call the quantum domain (the ground of all being for what is projected in this virtuality), which make them so effective in healing or any other work involving intent, which is really just a way to direct the energy "quality" in which the crystalline structure specializes.

By comparison, the way Merlin Power Stones (let's shorten it to MPS) work is that you're using low-energy, subtle energetic, materials and techniques to in some ways mimic the actions of the Sun, for instance in nuclear fission. With the temperatures and the precise and correct masses of the materials involved, you create openings in spacetime to give access which guides the trajectory of what's in the crucible. In the crucible, its in a state of sheer potentia, just a 2000 degree chaotic soup - no intent, no purpose, just pure openness. Each step builds on the last. By the immense energetics taking place on higher levels, they "punch through" all levels, and they're only able to do this because of the temperatures, masses and materials used.

The net effect is that there is no nature, property, quality, frequency, to which these DON'T have access. This means that there is no intent with which they can be programmed that is barred, except for those given on this page. It's important to understand that these natures, qualities, frequencies, etc., are all just self-aware beings (to us, just other people on higher levels with whom we work all the time) who are aspects of your own multidensity self. In other words, they're just other selves. Crystals, by the same token, do the same thing: they just give access for your other selves to you. For all intents and purposes, Merlin Power Stones can literally replace every crystal there is, but we have no desire whatsoever to influence you to stop using whatever you like using.

Let's give a handy visual. Imagine a fireman's pole, and it passes through round openings on each of many floors. Your MPS is the fireman's pole through every level all the way to the core of the Godhead, to the inmost mechanics of Creation itself. Yes, you can take the stairs to go up or down those levels, or you can use a Merlin Power Stone as the fireman's pole. In short, it just fantastically simplifies the "climb," if you will, and conversely, to "come back down" for whatever emergent purpose. Importantly to understand, each of the levels through which the fireman's pole passes is really just another self or the level on which they exist.

That they give access to everything means that there isn't anything that can't be accomplished with them, again with the exception of the "caveats" given on this page. So with that introduction, let's get into everything they can be used for.

First off, they can be put into any setting, such as a necklace, ring, bracelet, crown, tiara, amulet, talisman, staff, wand, athame...and the list goes on. While some metals don't mesh well with other metals, MPSs vibrate on such a high level that no Earthly material can limit them, or affect their vibration, in any way, which means that woods, leathers, sinew, etc., don't have to be in resonance with the MPS. Any material only has to be in resonance with you.

They can be used to amplify any intent you may have. Ceremonial magicians would be especially blown away by their capabilities, but the ceremony of energy work, such as in casting spells, isn't at all necessary to use them. The only thing needed is clear, pure and balanced intent. And it's important to know that since they run the gamut of crystalline structure, like saying they are at the foundation of ALL crystalline structure, they can "handle" multiple intents at once, as they have "bandwidth" to accommodate as many selves as you require to accomplish whatever.

Now for what they will NOT work for. If you try to use a MPS to win the lottery, it and all the selves who can clearly see you through your MPS, will simply laugh appreciatively. Material wealth for the sake of it is a low energy, but financial abundance, achieved with balance, detachment, wisdom, etc., is available to anyone who is up to the responsibility of creating and maintaining it. There is a very good question to ask yourself: "Would you prefer to have the money to do anything you want? Or would you prefer to be free of the falsely perceived need of money to do anything you want?" If your answer is sincerely and wholly the latter, then you're already operating within the bubble of True Wisdom to some degree or other.

Let's get into this a little bit, since so much of new age thought revolves around "manifesting the life you desire." Please understand, first and foremost, "manifesting the life you desire" is potentially a trap, because it's once again utilizing the program's parameters to keep you limited to its mind, as what you want is probably just more of what this illusion has to offer. The whole movement was actually designed and implemented by the controlling agenda for this very purpose - to ensure you remain a consumer. The purest way to start such a conversation is that the many selves existing on higher levels do in fact know better than you do what your truest desires are, even if you're not aware of what those might be, and what is best for your highest path. They're perfectly aware of the fact that you exist within a program that does everything in its power to emphasize the gaining and keeping of monetary wealth and the material clutter from which it's all accumulated, and therefore it's not an easy thing to see beyond the simulation's programming. They know this, and you are automatically granted HUGE latitude for operating within this "madness."

In short, unless you've freed yourself of it, you're programmed to want what the program wants you to believe you want or need. Since nature (and by nature we mean everything in existence not made impure by ill-conceived artificiality), adores creativity, then the act of creation is a sacred thing. So, instead of wanting money, what MPSs do is adhere to the law of nature and bestow creative talents, new ideas, new means, new contacts, and present and even open the doors necessary to realize new and revolutionary implementations that themselves bring abundance through balance, love and wisdom, almost as a side-effect.

So you could say the first step to using one of these with true power is to let your own wants and desires go, to surrender to your own higher selves, and submit to being guided to everything surprising, refreshing, expanding, and hopefully new to you but within the scope of the design of what you are and can do. Everything in this world is changing so fast having them as 24x7 guides and advisors is a powerful thing. Letting small self go, the you you see in the mirror, is the simultaneous act of at the very least beginning your expansion into the "minds and bodies" of much larger, wiser, radically more expanded selves, and this is in fact the highest level activity on Earth. This is in fact what is REALLY going on on Earth in this period of radical change. For more on all that, visit The Superbeings, where we are doing some incredibly powerful things with an incredible band of brothers and sisters (or more accurately, other selves).

None of this is to say that you shouldn't want, but it is to say that you should be detached, completely, from whether or not you get it, and if you don't, to be as ecstatic about everything as if you DID get whatever it might be. Also, if whatever you want is in alignment with what your higher selves want for you, then absolutely nothing but you - the small you - can stop it from coming into being (this is of course what we term self-sabotage). Additionally, if whatever you want doesn't interfere with your expansion into higher selves, then chances are you shall have it. So it should become obvious almost immediately that learning what higher selves want for you is the trick to all this.

But there is a simpler way. You can just let go, get empty, free of everything including wants, and let your MPS do all the work, because it will do all the work with no effort whatsoever. Staying open, empty, in a listening and intuitive mode, and ready for anything, is pretty much the highest way of being in this 3D system. It doesn't mean you don't think when needed, because thought will be required in your part of whatever is to be done, as determined by higher selves. It doesn't mean you don't act when needed, because you are the feet, the hands, the "deployment division" of the "corporation" composed of you and your many selves. This is the most direct route to wisdom, which as stated is the same thing as power. "Of myself I can do nothing, it is the Father who does all the work," and by "Father" Jesus meant "higher selves."

The above might also strike you as a copout, as trying to go the easy way, but something your many selves also know about this virtuality, especially in Western Culture, is that it takes everything we have just to stay on top of "needs for survival." You're already doing a job. Your body, your senses, your mind, is already being used by them to accomplish great works. Having an MPS just makes their work easier, and if it's easier for them, it's all easier for you. There's much more on this at The Superbeings.

Having said all that, if whatever you want promotes your rapid but balanced expansion, such as full-body healing, chakra balancing, entity clearing, energy clearing in any setting, such as your home or office or whatever, then your MPS will accomplish it as rapidly as is possible while maintaining balance. It's important to note, however, that often physical problems are precisely designed to assist in your rapid expansion, which is why healing often doesn't work. And remember, you're the one who set it up. This also includes parasitic entities.

But here is where we touch on something very important. MPSs are VERY high level beings. They are alive, self-aware, fantastically wise, and they are your partner. So if whatever you want is borne of careful thought, consideration, looking at all angles, comes from the heart, etc., then your destiny may actually be changed. In other words, let's say that through a "psychic" with true integrity (not many of those) you are actually here to suffer from some sort of physical malady, which of course you yourself designed. Let's say you've accepted this (acceptance, after all, is what takes away suffering) and you're perfectly willing to "live it out."

Let's say that your MPS has led you deeper and deeper into remembering the wisdom that you are, and because of that there comes a point where you feel as though you've accelerated to beyond whatever the purpose of the ailment might be. This is distinctly possible. We see it all the time. Let's say that because of your new expanded viewpoint you decide to "petition" your higher selves to free you of the contract (yes, contract) you entered into for the illness. If there is anything on Earth that can act as the delivery system for your petition, it is one of these MPSs. It's a direct line, a Bat-line, to the higher minds within which you operate, and using it, again with sincerity and wisdom, means that your petition shall be heard.

Along another line of thought, living in this instant gratification milieu so prevalent at present causes an instant gratification mentality even among the most awake, and so we know that many reading these words are going to think "I gotta get one of these NOW!" This is the mentality of which your higher selves will seek to free you. So getting one NOW might not be for the purposes for which you hope. And so while you might be in a hurry to get one to accomplish this or that, they will be using it to free you of being in a hurry and to move you towards the wisdom that shows you the folly of haste, which is yet another reason you might not get whatever it is you want. What they want more for you than anything is to get empty, open, clear, intuitive and ready for anything. This can take time. This can take carefully measured steps (our Alchemy would help immensely in these processes).

To finish up this whole thread of thought, the highest and most potent use of a MPS is to let it guide you to wisdom, and once there use it wisely to accomplish absolutely anything. It's like inviting into your life your own highest being, and then making an active partner and friend of it to help this you along a greatly simplified path leading towards it. If you let it, if you remain tuned to its own access-giving capacity, you will inevitably feel in contact with, and supported by, these immense and loving beings, these other selves.

OK, that's enough of that. MPSs can be used for anything, but here are a few examples in the form of a question and answer.

Q: OK, do I really need one of these?
A: No. All you need is within. But if we refer back to the fireman's pole analogy above, they can greatly simplify a fantastically complex navigation of invisible AND visible things, making every part of what you are smoother and simpler.

Q: Am I ready for a Merlin Power Stone?
A: Yes, if you can answer "yes" to the following questions. Are you ready for what's next? Are you ready to leave your old self behind and start being your new self? Are you ready to walk the path of your highest expression? Are you ready to be purified? Are you ready to be healed? Are you ready to live according to your highest design? According to the way you designed yourself? Are you ready for wisdom, nobility, sincerity, impeccability?

Q: Can they be used in ceremonial magic?
A: Yes. They love it, provided it does not violate or subvert one's path, are used responsibly, and if you accept the full responsibility, and potential return effects, for even just attempted misuse of its power. Which brings us to:

Q: Can they be used for harm, or ill-will, of any kind?
A: Someone can try to use them for that, but it won't work. That's like asking a rake to be a shovel. But as stated, trying to use one that way could have unwanted consequences for the owner.

Q: Can they be used to ward off energetic harm directed at me?
A: To great effect. It's a matter of simply turning the energy back to its source, which is the purest way to handle the energy, completely free of any intent on your part, as the intent was already set by the sender. In this way, it's also useful to understand that your MPS can raise your frequency, and thus your mentality, out of the fear which would have you thinking that you would need protection to begin with. In the highest wisdom, which is the highest frequencies available on this 3D plane, the energy sent to harm you wouldn't even be able to find you.

Q: Can they be used to direct energy and/or intent (which is really the energy) for magical spellwork?
A: Of course, and it's just as useful to understand that "spellwork" is just another word for directing energy by thought and emotion. The ceremony of casting isn't necessary, but if you prefer it, then more power to you.

Q: Can they be used to undo spellwork (energy intent) directed at me?
A: Of course, to great effect, which includes any emotional manipulation, and which brings us to the next question.

Q: Can they be used to create love spells or any other type of emotional infuence or control?
A: Not successfully. This is the sort of thing that can backfire badly. And the use of anything for that purpose is just childish.

Q: Can they be used to perform healing work on someone else?
A: If it doesn't interfere with another's path, they can, but this is the province of very high level practitioners of energy work, and is therefore not recommended for most to undertake, as this could backfire as well. Further, if they're used in healing work by someone who charges money for that work, the backfire could be intense.

Q: Can they protect me from toxic EMFs or other harmful energies and frequencies?
A: To great effect. It's a simple thought. "Neutralize all energies with which I come into contact that stand between me and my most thriving balance."

Q: Can they be used in self love, confidence building and increasing one's vibration, such as for solo tantric work to facilitate feeling love and freedom from needing a partner, or soulmate, to complete them?
A: Yes. You could say this is a primary reason for them, and by extension bring balance to, or freeing you of, relationships that no longer serve. It isn't to say you won't encounter your perfect counterpart. It is to say that it will clear you of any mentation that has you believing you need a counterpart, because you don't. This is the most efficient way to bring to you your absolutely perfect counterpart.

Q: In that vein, can they be used for various purposes in sacred sexual processes?
A: Emphatically, again with awareness, mindfulness and responsibility, and in keeping with the question and answer above.

Q: Can they be used to increase one's personal magnetism for any reason, including for a life partner?
A: Yes, again so long as the the second to last paragraph above is observed and understood.

Q: Can they be set in wedding rings?
A: Yes, but it's such a convoluted explanation that it's just as well you don't unless you are a very high level practitioner in energy work and esotericism. It's best just to assume they can't be.

Q: Can one be made for my child?
A: Yes, if the child is of sufficient wakefulness, awareness, responsibility and wisdom to understand everything being said on this Website, at least at elementary levels.

Q: Can one be made as a gift for a loved one?
A: Only if that loved one is aware that it is being made, and is in agreement with everything ownership of one implies.

Q: Can they be used to strengthen my personal will in overcoming obstacles and challenges, like eating more healthily, losing fat, shedding bad habits, and whatever else?
A: To great effect, so long as you're sincere. If you're an addict, you know what is meant by being sincere. The importance of sincerity can't be stressed enough. If you have weaknesses that stand between you and your highest expression, and you are sincere about elevating above their sphere of influence, your MPS will work with unstoppable power to that end.

Q: Can they be incorporated into my own artistic expressions?
A: Yes. They especially love this.

Q: Can they be used to increase or fine-tune my artistic side and the creativity to fuel the expressions?
A: Hugely.

Q: Can they be used to clarify unclear situations for decision-making?
A: Yes. Clarifying is an especially acute skill they have.

Q: Can they be used to deepen meditations?
A: Inevitably this is a result, as you yourself will find out when you place it on your third eye.

Q: Can they be used to potentiate substances, like supplements, herbs or liquids? A: Yes, by simply putting your attention on both simultaneously, your MPS will know what to do.

Q: Can they be used to smooth difficult situations or circumstances in daily life?
A: This could be said to be a primary use.

Q: Can they be used to increase self-confidence, social skills, determination to complete things?
A: Perfect use, so long as your intent doesn't subvert your highest path. Removing the linchpins of fear is what your MPS will do whether you ask it to or not. This is automatic.

Q: Can they be used to consecrate and clear space?
A: To great effect.

Q: Can they be embedded in a structure, or buried in the ground, for that purpose?
A: Yes, but it wouldn't be necessary.

Q: What if I lose it? Will it still work?
A: So long as they exist, they will do for you what they need to. All that is needed is your attention on them and whatever it is you want to accomplish.

In the end, anything you can think of to use them for is a possibility. No aspect of creativity is barred. As of this writing, we haven't even begun to smudge the surface of what Merlin Power Stones can do. More than anything, we'd like you to share your experiences with us in The Superbeings.

If you'd like to ask MPS owners what they think of them, most of whom are absolutely rocked by them, visit this forum at The Superbeings.

Thanks for reading. With any question, please contact us.