A Clear Path to True Power



Just the tip of the iceberg in self-empowerment:
  • Made For You - from the first of 7 firings at 2000 degrees, yours is made for YOU
  • Highest Path - this is automatic - your stone will put you on it and keep you on it, clearing it of all obstacles, and you're the only one that can sabotage this process
  • Health, Strength, Stamina, Youth - there isn't anything these can't do in this domain
  • Self - self-love, self-confidence, self-assured, self-contained, self-sufficient
  • Bad Habits - overcome them with grace and power
  • Financial - either experience increase, or make yourself free of the "money rat-race"
  • Relationships - resolve them all, including mabye even finding "the one"
  • Protection - nothing would be able to penetrate your shields, and toxic environmental stuff like EMFs are neutralized
  • Spellwork - which is just the direction of energy - their potency already impresses cosmic wizards
  • Sacred Sexuality - these can be used to stunning effect in tantric work
  • Unlimited Support - there are 10 to 15 of us to answer questions
  • Workshops - we have workshops on their use, and much can be learned

Too good to be true? Emphatically NO. To understand why that is is to understand the metaphysics of energy and how things have always worked on the so-called "magical" levels. It's just energy, and unimpeded direction of energy. Tell a Merlin Power Stone what you want, and there is no power in the Universe that can stop it from happening if used in the right way, meaning from within the vibe of love. They're like an Aladdin's Lamp, or even Cintamani "wishing jewel," but are even more powerful, and are made from the first step for you, tuned to you, encoded to you, and they're made from an impressive number of alchemical steps.

Call or write us and ask anything you like, or have a chat about them with your "go-to psychic," whom we prefer to address as Superseers. If you'd like to talk to those we know, get hold of us and we'll help you set it up. This is a big purchase, and we want you to be supremely confident in it.

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Why Stone?


Merlin Power Stones are pretty much what those three words imply. Firstly, I've been schooled by Merlin (yes, the actual "Merlin" and "his" teacher) in their manufacture. Secondly, they're incredibly powerful. Thirdly, they are "stones" in the romantic, Arthurian-ish "magical" way, such as the "sword in the stone," with ties to Excalibur, the Holy Grail, and most especially the Philosopher's Stone.

Why "stone"? Many reasons, but for our purposes it starts with the idea that while these are metal, they actually include a metallic element that has been used throughout Earth's history by high-level alchemists, which itself is able to transition to a superconductive ceramic. Since alchemists didn't have the word "ceramic" at their disposal, in our context they used the word "stone" instead. They vibrate on all levels of density (popularly thought of as "dimensions" in current new age thought), giving you open and clear access to all higher selves for whatever purpose.

They are virtual. In other words, while they give the appearance of weight, color, texture, etc., they're less "there" than is the hand holding them. They're known to subtlely change colors, to disappear and reappear, to "speak," and can be used in everything but ill will and emotional manipulation of others. Used with balance, love and true wisdom, they could help you accomplish absolutely anything, and far more efficiently, optimally and simply than without one.

Each are custom manufactured for you, right from the beginning, which is crucial to get them in absolute phase resonance with you. It involves a 20-22 step process, with 5-7 firings at 1500-2000 degrees to complete them. Put in the simplest of terms, they open, and keep open, a clear and wide conduit to Metaself, which is a term we use in place of more parochial terms like "higher self," which is a pretty limited understanding of what that being actually is. In doing this, they place you on your highest path, and if you don't fight them, they keep you there, clearing away anything that stands in your way. This is the realm in which "power" and "wisdom" are the exact same word.